New Website For Waterford High School Sports

The Waterford Wildcats Sports Network finally and proudly launches their new website.

The website can be found at

The website is a one stop shop for all things Waterford High Sports. For parents the new website means better communication of game schedules, practice times and upcoming events. For student-athletes it means pictures, highlights and showcasing accomplishments all year long.

Perhaps most importantly for the community, the website is a tool that can bring all of Waterford together, taking pride in the athletic accomplishments of the only team in town.

On the new website you can find a calendar of Waterford High School games and events, a page dedicated to our live broadcasting and podcasts, links to pages or websites of individual Waterford High Sports Teams, contact information for the athletic department, and much more!

We hope you enjoy this new enriching addition to the WHS Athletic Experience.


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